Nora are, at the very least, interested in ladies, although it try unknown if she is actually a good lesbian otherwise bi/pansexual

Energies and you may results [ ]

This is viewed whenever she shown an appeal toward Spencer and you will actually flirted together with her; Nora even clearly reported to help you the woman mom, Iris, you to definitely she finds out Spencer “cute”. She and additionally told you in her journal “Oh shrap, have always been We minun linkki crushing on her? Yep, entirely am. That’s the reason I am hoping this woman is not bad! Due to the fact possibly I’ll will hang out together a while”.

Nora is actually an effective bubbly, hopeful , and you will in charge girl who always tries to follow the girl family members’ first signal from protecting new timeline. Nora plus is apparently mindful and you will figuring, usually shouting during the this lady younger aunt, Bart West-Allen when he brings in love stunts otherwise produces impulsive decisions.

Nora possess a strong and you will fit experience of each other this lady father, Barry Allen along with her mother, Eye West-Allen to the point in which she made a decision to follow on the latter’s footsteps because of the to get a reporter. She’s got a really strong relationship with this lady younger sister, Bart, that have his as well as usually getting honest which have him. Nora comes with solid familial links to each member of the girl longer household members, lookin especially near to Cecile Horton and you may Joe West, together with personal ties for some of your own players and you may allies away from People Thumb including Chester P. Runk, Caitlin Snow, and you may Jay Garrick, respectively.

Energies [ ]

“My name is Nora West-Allen and you may I am the quickest girl live. When I’m of, 30 years out-of today, I’m the protector of Main Area. I am good speedster; same as my dad. People know me as “XS”. Each and every day I really hope to call home to the legacy regarding The fresh Flash. But You will find still got quite a distance going.” -Nora West-Allen [src]

  • Speed Force relationship/Meta-human structure: Nora and has an organic link with the speed Push, providing the lady the latest powers out of amazing rates. She listed one she is not as strong otherwise since the in a position to since the the woman dad, Barry Allen in using this type of results, due to the fact she can just discover much regarding Eobard Thawne and the fresh new Thumb Art gallery.
  • Accelerated data recovery foundation: Once the good speedster, Nora regenerates less than humans manage. Based on the lady, the standard axon rate of growth is at four millimeters twenty four hours when you look at the a massive guts, but for the lady, it is more a hundred millimeters.
  • Bodily vibrations: Like most speedsters, Nora is also shake their human anatomy a variety of outcomes.
  • Intangibility: Of the vibrating this lady molecules from the absolute regularity regarding sky, Nora normally physically go through strong number. If you’re simply which have read it whenever she exposed to the lady dad in earlier times, by using this lady dad and her cousin, Wally West, she vibrated an entire plane and all the travelers so you’re able to keep it out of crashing.
  • Invisibility: Nora can be shake the girl system rapidly that she can no expanded feel seen from the eye.
  • Superhuman agility: Nora enjoys displayed flawless dexterity, balance and dexterity, she will alter guidance that have quick sharp transforms instead dropping otherwise losing equilibrium and you will immediately end powered by the spot.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Nora’s response time try augmented in order to superhuman profile, enabling this lady to respond to help you issues and events far smaller than just typical human beings.
  • Superhuman momentum: Nora is also generate higher amounts of actual push because of energizing times, simulating superhuman power, even yet in a stationary updates. Even absolutely nothing exertions using this create-up can be generate considerably out-of force, in a position to knock a person away.
  • Aerokinesis: Nora may use the lady rates generate heavens streams to the certain membership and also for various outcomes. She will create vortexes in order to extinguish fires from the forming it up to her or him.